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Saturday, August 21, 2010

World's Largest Clock will starts beating in Mecca of Ramadan These

World's Largest Clock will starts beating in Mecca of Ramadan These

Muslims around the world will soon be able to set their clock with the new hours immediately after the world's largest clock began ticking on the holiest city for Muslims. Makkah in Makkah Clock will begin ticking today to mark the beginning of Ramadan. Saudi Arabia hopes the clock will make the holy city as an alternative to the standard Greenwich time.

The clock is facing the Grand Mosque of Mecca from the top of the second tallest building in the world after Burj Khalifa, in Dubai. Saudi Arabian news agency said the tower was designed by German engineer and Switzerland, more than 600 feet high, or roughly six times the height of Big Ben, the clock is very popular in London.

Development Process towers 'Abraj Al-Bait' which is also known as Makkah clock tower

Diameter hours in Saudi Arabia reached 40 meters or larger than the largest clock in the world today: at Cevahir Mall in Istanbul, Turkey, which has a diameter of 36 meters. Hours in Mecca will be placed near the Great Mosque of Mecca which is the central prayer compulsory for citizens who wish to pray in congregation. Development at the Saudi Arabian government is a step to suck up more and more pilgrims every year.

According to local news agencies, the testing of these hours will begin in the first week of Ramadan. Citizens of Saudi Arabia began fasting today. So far, only one of the four sides of hours that have been completed. Hours are coated with 98 million mosaic of glass. Each side will say 'Allahu Akbar' in Arabic and placed thousands of colored lights. Hours can be seen more than 25 kilometers.

A place for people who want to look at surrounding areas will be installed under these hours. A golden crescent moon with a diameter of 23 meters will be placed on the tower clock tower as high as 61. A total of 15 floodlights will be fired into space from around that hour.

All hours of down to the crescent moon has a height 251 meters. The German and Swiss engineers designing these hours. According to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Zakat Saudi Arabia, the project cost around U.S. $ 800 million (USD 7.16 trillion). Hours will be in the upper complex of seven towers built with Saudi Binladen Group.

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